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Dare to Share

Dare to Share. . . Recap

Living a Righteous Life means that you desire to do what is right by honoring GOD with making mostly righteous choices, and when you mess up, and you will (none of us are perfect that is why we all need a Savior), so be convicted, not rebellious, or self-righteous, repent, and ask for forgiveness, and others can actually be blessed by what you have learned when you Dare to Share.

That's it? Lord you mean the mistakes of my past can be used for a righteous purpose?
Seriously GOD that is Totally Awesome!

If I Dare to Share, then I can serve as a warning sign, so that others can avoid a Total Wipe Out!

I can warn them of the danger that lies ahead, because I too headed off in the wrong direction. I walked with the crowd, and ran away from Christ. I did not understand that GOD's ways were a blessing to keep me from danger and destruction, so I danced in the shadows, and did not know what I was missing by being in the Son's Light.

Dare to Share . . . okay here goes. . .

One of the mistakes I did in my college days was to co-habitate, aka live in sin with my boyfriend. We of course thought that this was going to be Totally Excellent. It seemed to make such great practical and rational sense, because Christopher and I spent all our free time together, and he was practically living with me, and my two other roommates. In fact they thought since he was pretty much living with us, he might as well chip in and pay part of the rent. Living together seemed like such a good idea!

Think of all the money we were going to save, because he wouldn't have to drive back and forth, and for him to move out from his parent's home into his own separate apartment, well that was just crazy then we would have two rents instead of just one. At this time in our life Finances trumped Family Values. We were college kids paying for college barely getting by, so we had no money to get married. We promised each other that as soon as we graduated from college we would get married and make it official with a ceremony, and everything, but for now we will live faithful to one another as a husband and wife would, and be married in the eyes of GOD.

Well all I can say is that you don't know what you don't know. And it is okay not to understand everything GOD tells us to do, but when we trust GOD we can know that He says things for a reason, not to control us, but to bless us, and keep us from messing up our lives, and the lives of our children and future generations. GOD loves us, that is why He sets rules to guide us. His Holy Precepts leads to Wonderful Promises & Blessings. His Holy Word & Ways are not for restriction, but for protection. They are not a burden, they are a blessing. I did not understand this back then, but I understand it now through trial and much error. 

Our lives, and the lives of our loved ones not only become messed up and dysfunctional, but they can be destroyed when we reject GOD's Guidance, and go the way of the world. As the saying goes, Misery loves Company, and when we make a mess out of our lives, self-righteous selfish messed up people feel better about their own lives. Many people in this life would rather bring you down, and keep you down where they are rather than boost you up, so that you can have a better life. In the Land of Dysfunction there is a hidden happiness when others stumble and fumble and fail to improve their lives. There is much gossip, secret and sometimes not so secret celebration over the other person's wipe outs.

If you have taken a wrong turn, and headed down the wrong path it is not too late to make a U-turn, and have the life that GOD has waiting for you. It will take courage, because some are going to want you to stay with them as they keep heading the wrong way. The wrong way does not get better, it only goes from bad to worse to unimaginable destruction and devastation. Those who have been down the wrong road can testify that they would have never imagined it could ever get that bad. That is the enemy's plan to take you farther than you ever thought you would go.

For example, cohabiting is the wrong way, one wrong choice that leads to other and another. In fact the wrong choice did not begin with living together, it began with having sex together, and since we are acting like a married couple we might as well as live together like a married couple. And even though you didn't plan it, you find yourself pregnant, and of course the world's view is to have an abortion, because you are not ready to be parents. Many people make the worst mistake of their life and murder their unborn child, and then are wounded by what they have done, and seek ways to numb the pain. Then there are the courageous women who chose their baby's life over a life with a man who will not marry her, yet claims to love her. These brave women now raise their babies all alone. Most babies born out of the sanctity of marriage do not have their fathers in their lives, and those that do most of their father's are not dependable, and are a bad example.

Whether you are a boy or a girl growing up without a Daddy is devastating, but you keep that pain hidden away from your Mom, because you don't want to hurt her, and you know there is nothing she can do to change that, so you and Mom convince yourselves that you don't need a Dad, and you push down, and deny the pain and the longing, and search for ways to replace the need for a Dad, and/or medicate the wound that an absent Dad has left. There are countless problems that come out of the painful consequences of our mistakes of not following GOD's Guidance & Rules that were established not to control us, but to protect us, and to bless us.

So the next time someone tries to tempt you to take a wrong turn that goes against GOD, just tell 'em That's Totally Bogus Dude!  Remember that GOD has a Totally Awesome Plan for you. GOD has put His Promise in writing, you will find it in Jeremiah 29:11

Will following Christ mean that all your days will be filled with sunshine? No. Storms will come, and harsh waves will wipe you out Dude, but they will not destroy you. It is the Life Storms that water our faith and make it grow. The Blessing in the Storm is GOD's Embrace that brings you closer than ever before. I would rather be in the storm with Christ, than on the sandy shore without Him.

GOD is Totally Awesome! GOD can transform our worst day into the best day ever, but that's another story for another day.

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To sum it up, Life is about Progression not Perfection. We can be an Excellent Example when we choose to live a Righteous Life. Have a teachable mind, heart, soul, and spirit. Be humble not prideful and be willing to learn, heed the warnings of those who have gone before us.

Learn or Lose. 
Ride the Wave of Righteousness or Wipe Out!
When we follow Christ it is Totally Awesome Dude!

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