Thursday, May 10, 2012

GOD's Freshmen

The more you know the more you know there is still so much More you need to know. 
~ Anissa Stark

Just when your mind is full of so much information that you feel like there is just no more room for anything else you discover that you have way more questions than you do answers.

Have you ever felt this way?

Building Character through Patience.

Waiting on GOD is never a waste of time. 

I really need to take the time to fully process all that GOD is teaching me.

My current Journey with Jesus has led me to what I refer to as. . . 

Freshmen Orientation

Along with some other courageous sisters I have enrolled in an adventure of discovery hosted by Tonia Harrison.

What deeply resonated with me is when Tonia wrote in her book on page 83 and mentioned in part 4 of her Video Series was that "While we worry how fast we grow, GOD is concerned with how strong we grow." That is very comforting when you are in your 40s discovering GOD's Kingdom Purpose for your life. There is a part of me that wishes I started this process 20 years ago, but all in GOD's time not ours right!

I feel like I am a college freshmen in GOD's Kingdom Campus searching what to major in when there are sooo many great choices to choose from. Anyone else feel this way?

Overwhelming and Exciting at the same time. 
Much like a College Freshmen stepping on to campus for the first time.

Praise the Lord for sending us Guidance Counselors such as Tonia Harrison, author of Designed With Your Purpose in Mind to help us discover what to major in based upon our GOD given skills/talents/gifts.

Are you an Undeclared Christian, hey I know how you feel!
I have been an Undeclared Christian wondering around in GOD's Kingdom Campus for the past 15 years not quite sure what my unique purpose is, or what GOD is specifically calling me to do for Him.

No matter what age or stage of life you are in right now sweet sisters this is your appointed time to discover and develop your major and master the unique skills/gifts/talents GOD has given you to successfully and joyfully serve Him by being a blessing to others.

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