Friday, May 11, 2012

The What If Beatitudes

What If we changed the nature of the What Ifs in our lives?

The What Ifs that keep us trapped within our own comfort zones,

The What Ifs that keep us trapped in the past and prevent us from moving forward,

What Ifs that whisper disparaging thoughts, fuel our unbelief, create doubt, and lead to disobeying GOD, 

WHAT IF we had the power within us to change all that!

WHAT IF the What Ifs were no longer a negative force, but a very powerful positive force?

WHAT IF the What Ifs were no longer heavy chains, but Beautiful Wings!

WHAT IF the What Ifs no longer led to failure, but Success!

WHAT IF the What Ifs could be transformed into the whispers of Destiny instead of Despair?

WHAT IF the What Ifs could be transformed into stepping stones, instead of stumbling blocks?

WHAT IF the What Ifs no longer withheld us, but excelled us? 

WHAT IF we could tune out the enemy holding us back, and tune in to all of Heaven cheering us on?

WHAT IF all this could be True?

WHAT IF we lived our lives not just memorizing, but actually knowing that 
With GOD all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

WHAT IF all this was . . . Not just a cleaver concept, but a Powerful Precept.

WHAT IF I saw all my potential, instead of my problem?

WHAT IF my Backstory is for GOD's Glory?

WHAT IF my cup is not empty, not half empty, not even half full, but abundantly overflowing?

WHAT IF I could see & feel the Beauty that GOD sees in me?

WHAT IF Transformation was not just a dream, but a Reality?

WHAT IF there really is a Happily Ever After?


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