Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You Are Outstanding!

This post was inspired by reading a post from a very good friend of mine Jess, as well my favorite teacher, my beautiful & brilliant little daughter Carissa.

Often we parents with good intentions striving for excellence for our children -- well it is we parents who often miss the mark. We must keep in mind that our life, and our children's life is about progression not perfection.

I had a very powerful intervention, or perhaps I should say a very powerful parent & Teacher conference with the LORD in regards to Carissa's Kindergarten report cards. The first two quarters Carissa earned all Os for (O)utstanding, the highest marks possible. Then the third quarter she was graded on Reading.

Background Info. Carissa is the youngest in her class, the public school standard was to hold her back a year just because of her younger age (missed the mandatory cut off by 6 weeks), although she excelled in pre-K, and is mature beyond her years, her friends were allowed to enter Kindergarten, because they met the public standardized age requirement, and Carissa was not allowed to start Kindergarten with her best friend. A local private christian school recognized that Carissa was ready for Kindergarten and allowed her to attend their school.

Back to the 3rd Quarter Report Card marks. As Carissa's parents we believe Carissa excels in Reading (especially since she is the youngest in the class), yet the report card said S+ as in [S]astisfactory + in Reading. We know that she did her very best, and that is all that we can ask from her. When our children truly do their very best, no matter the grade they receive on a test or on a report card by truly doing their very best they are in fact doing Outstanding!

On all the other areas on Carissa's report card she earned Os. When we average the S+ with the Os she earned over all Outstanding Excellence. 
We can achieve Excellence without having to achieve perfection.

This is true not only in our academic life, but our over all life.

GOD's Amazing Grace covers us when we miss the mark. Kind of like when we are caught on a cold day without a coat, Christ is the warm blanket that covers & comforts us.

All we need to do is to allow our Helper the Holy Spirit to bring the blessing of conviction and show us where we missed the mark. When we confess that we messed up we take responsibility, and when we have a repentant heart we have a teachable spirit, we are accountable, and most important we are pliable and willing to let GOD teach us & transform us to be Outstanding by living to our fullest potential.

The LORD is merciful, compassionate, and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast, and Unfailing Love. Psalm 145:8

GOD's Amazing Grace allows us to strive for Excellence without having to be Perfect, and that is sooo Outstanding!

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